Corporate Profile

The Crossroad of Creative and Capital

Capital InVentures performs a range of consulting and investment banking services all related to capital formation within the global financial community.

Through its association with other investment banking houses, underwriters and other private and public, domestic and offshore capital sources, Capital InVentures handles capital deals, bridge and mezzanine financing, syndication’s, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, corporate capitalization, technology transfer, commercial dept, and other creative business structures.

Capital InVentures has received and analyzed business plans and proposals from hundreds of companies across the country seeking capital and professional services.   This activity has made the firm a magnet for businesses, people and capital.  Many of the companies Capital InVentures has attracted are worthy candidates for investment.  In this regard, Capital InVentures has developed several and varied sources of capital.

Capital InVentures, Inc. was organized in 1986 by Jonathan Gubin to act as a financial consultant, investment bank and/or principal with regard to various business and financial transactions.

Capital InVentures has attracted a diverse pool of talented executives.  Some of them come from America’s finest corporations and have varied backgrounds in operations, finance and marketing.  The firm is unique in that with its powerful marketing focus it is positioned to bring the disciplines of marketing and communications to its clients, as well as capital.

Capital InVentures sells.